We greet you in one of the largest settlements in Harghita County, which sits between the Harghita Mountains and the Gurghiu Mountains in Vărșag, which shines like a precious stone in the 21st century, with its own unwritten laws, with the power the preservation of his community, his traditions, popular wisdom, life as a living museum and his natural values.

The capital sizes basin is the memorial of the past, containing the remnants of the Tartod Citadel, the spring and crystal waters of the Târnava Mare, the miraculous wells such as the spring of Jesus, the Csorgókő waterfall, the loneliness of steep hills such as the Boros field It combines the vitality of shingle-makers, water tubs, with their dreams interwoven into the traditional carpets of women with dowry hands.

"Everywhere there are nice people scattered among their beech forests and their quiet ponds, among their flocks and the many romantic barns around which a working and diligent people lives where the traveler is lured by flushed alpine nymphs..." (Orbán Balázs )

The hearts of the people are pure, the doors open, the homemade bread on the table, the true mushroom mince, whey cheese cake.

Behind the infinite fences, one glance, at the sill and the verge, a warm hand grip or a God blesses you greets the visitor and "... Üdő Márton could probably tell us why heavy times come on icon sculptors and Uz Bence would nod to wisely and with a sour smile because the world's roads are very tangled "(Magyari Lajos)


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