Program guide


With the help of the following programs you can discover the romantic landscapes of Vărșag, the historical antiquities, you can relax, recharge, and taste unforgettable Szekler flavors and, last but not least, you can get sight into the world of living traditions, regardless of age. We wish all our guests a pleasant stay!


TARTOD Fortress

At the western edge of Vărșag, at the intersection of Târnava Mara river and the Tartód brook, at an altitude of 850 meters, you can find a steep climb to the ruins of Tartod Castle dating back to the 11th-12th centuries. (Unfortunately, in historical writings there is not much information about this fortress).

Spinning and weaving

Lady (Tanti) Berta Anna Kovács is a talented artist with Szekler mastery...

She was born on 15 November 1936 in Vărșag. She knows how to weave from childhood; she learned this from her mother. And now she works at home with a lot of love on her spare, being retired.

Water Mill

The only functioning water mill in Vărșag has served the village for 200 years. Unusual equipment is a real curiosity and a tourist attraction. Nea Bálint Venci is the operator and the owner of the family heritage, which he takes care with great dedication.

CSORGÓKŐ Waterfall and panoramic view Tálasbérce

Known as the Szekler Waterfall located in the spring area of the Târnava Mare River, it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and is a true miracle of nature. How do you find it?

Wagon trip and Sledging

If visitors to Vărșag want to see other villages or tourist attractions or simply want to be fresh outdoors, we would like to offer the opportunity to use the wagon and in the cold season the possibility of using the sled.

Panoramic view of Bagzos

The observation tower, the Varsag panorama of the Bagzos area, built in 2018, can be called the newest attraction of the village. This is the second panorama of Varsag, which, with its dimensions, is somewhat miniscule to the other, but because of its shape it emanates warmth and playfulness.

Village Museum

The facility was taught in August 2015, renewed thanks to the LEADER program. The objects and tools kept in the museum are the result of more than ten years of collection. The cultural institution was first built in 1908 as a clerk's house, but in the meantime it served as a medical and maternity cabinet but also as a pub.


The only blacksmith of our village is Tamás Károly, who cares for the estate of his father-in-law, Sándor Dénes, and keeps the tradition of horseshoeing. There are two workshops, half-finished works in the old, ironing tools for the wheelchair, blast furnace, horseshoes, which has more of a museum value today, as well as the place shield on.

Production of shingle

The tradition of shingle production is one of the oldest crafts in Vărșag, not for nothing is known as Zsindely land (Shindril).

Even nowadays many people deal with the shingle production, especially in the long winter days in the warm cellar, where the cat rests quietly in the fresh chips.

Preparation and tasting of cheeses

We are glad to welcome all new visitors and those who come back. If you have not been to Vărșag yet, now is the time to try and take part in interesting programs with local craftsmen, taste delicacies, familiarize with local traditions and enjoy the romantic places of our village.

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