CSORGÓKŐ Waterfall and panoramic view Tálasbérce

Known as the Szekler Waterfall located in the spring area of the Târnava Mare River, it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and is a true miracle of nature. How do you find it?

Approximately three kilometers from the village name indicator, we get off the main road, on the right side of the wood processing fabric, turning right on a steep forest road. (The sign also indicates the direction.) On this road, tourists are driven by wonderful forests, noisy streams, the freshness of the air that welcomes our dear guests. This wonderful trip deserves to be experienced on foot.

We turn left at the wooden plate that signals Tálasbérc, then after another 1.5 km walk we reach the waterfall indicator and the rest zone. This is where the waterfall sounds. If we enter the trees, there is a waterfall with a frightening cold and indescribable beauty, near which we can refresh in the summer heat at a height of 6 to 7 meters under the cold fall of the brook.

Due to the two-storey waterfall, it is worth climbing the rock, otherwise you can only see some of this natural wonder. If you climb the wet rocks upstairs, you can continue your journey along the stream where, after 300 meters, you reach the source of the stream (the waterfall). On the surface of only 15 square meters of land there are seven springs whose purity and coolness are unique in this area.

Going further, there is the Tálasbérce farm where an interesting attraction is the shop called Parliament, and at half a kilometer away from Parliament there is the five-storey panoramic tower, recently renovated. From here you can admire the enormous size of this scattered settlement, as under our feet you can see all farms from all directions of Vărșag village. In addition, when the weather is good and the clean air and clear visibility, you can see the ancient mountains of Harghita, up to the Bucin Mountains, and the Fagaras Mountains.