Production of shingle

The tradition of shingle production is one of the oldest crafts in Vărșag, not for nothing is known as Zsindely land (Shindril).

Even nowadays many people deal with the shingle production, especially in the long winter days in the warm cellar, where the cat rests quietly in the fresh chips.

With manual woodworking tools, this natural material is squeezed, decanted and processed, which, for many farmers, is an extra source of gain because it is loved and bought by both foreigners and the local population.

Knowledge of this craft, correct pin selection, testing, and cutting are a very concrete and meticulous work, as well as the decorative scraping and figuration of the material.

All this is just a brief description of the workflow. If you want to know and observe the craft shingle in detail, and if you want to participate in the manufacturing practice, our craftsmen are eager to show you the profession of shingle production.

- Number of participants: minimum 4 people;
- Programming: at least one day before;



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