Spinning and weaving

Lady (Tanti) Berta Anna Kovács is a talented artist with Szekler mastery...

She was born on 15 November 1936 in Vărșag. She knows how to weave from childhood; she learned this from her mother. And now she works at home with a lot of love on her spare, being retired.

Since 2003 she has been a member of the Association of Folk Artists in Szekler and of the Association of Hungarian Folk Art in Romania. On November 21, 2004, she was appointed Master of Folk Art by the National Federation of Craftsmen. She is a founding member of the Szekler Crafts Association.

She is involved in national and international professional exhibitions at local and foreign handicraft fairs, where she presents interested the beauty of weaving and spinning. In her native village, she keeps in touch with local weavers, who often consult her for her advice, and using her words "she is teaching by learning."

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Lady (Tanti) Józsa Margit is a is a talented artist with Szekler mastery...

I was born in Vărșag in 1948, so she tells about her experience: I grew up near the loom, because my mother regularly weaved with the majority of the women in our village at that time. Since I was a kid, I've always been busy with spinning, I can say, since I know myself.

Since the 1970s, loom is always in the kitchen, it is one of my main "pieces of furniture". At first I had woven clothes and trousers for the children and myself. Later I also made rugs, towels, bags and tablecloths.

I like handcrafting; I spend all my time with this activity. If i do not weave, then weave hemp, work with lace or knitwear. I put my grandchildren to the loom, trying to teach the secrets and beauties of the spinning and weaving. Fortunately, the little hands are happy to work because they are proud of my loom and spinning wheel that is 260 years old.

I have participated in exhibitions for 12 years; sometimes I go to fairs, with my own creations both in the country and abroad. I'm glad to hire myself for presentations in camps, events and craftsmen demonstrations. I do not want to take with me these experiences that i have gathered from my ancients, and then I kept them alive. "

Source: http://szekely-kezmuvesek.ro/en/tagjaink/mestersegek-szerint/szemely/17-jozsa-margit.html?pid=1

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