TARTOD Fortress

At the western edge of Vărșag, at the intersection of Târnava Mara river and the Tartód brook, at an altitude of 850 meters, you can find a steep climb to the ruins of Tartod Castle dating back to the 11th-12th centuries. (Unfortunately, in historical writings there is not much information about this fortress).

After archaeological research in the 1960s, the fortresses of Tartod, Budvar, Kustaly, Firtos and Rapsonné were supposed to have been built by the Hungarian kingdom to protect themselves from the eastern peoples.

Probably by the end of the 12th century, it lost its destination, it was abandoned, and the ruins were taken over by nature. The scenery is ideal for those who enjoy hiking, climbing up to half an hour to ruins, which, unfortunately, are just remains in the shape of a small stone wall covered with musk as a token of the authenticity of the former building. On the roof  can be seen a remnant of an oval wall of 75 x 37 m. During the research there was no trace of the building inside the wall given some pieces of clay pots were discovered during excavations.