Water Mill

The only functioning water mill in Vărșag has served the village for 200 years. Unusual equipment is a real curiosity and a tourist attraction. Nea Bálint Venci is the operator and the owner of the family heritage, which he takes care with great dedication.

Happy and with a lot of understanding, shows he the functioning of the mill for the interested tourists. An external wheel acts on the circular saw, the lathe, the milling wheel; the water of the mill feeds a pond and, last but not least, generates electricity. The water mill is a kind of live museum serving the exhibition of old objects and utensils used in the mill.

How is it found?

From Târnavă to the village center, after about 300 meters, to the Csorgókő waterfall, at first possibility to the right is the first house on the left which is indicated by the sign on the fence.

 Contact person: 0744.210.792