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We hope that one of the following accommodation units will be in your liking and can offer the pleasure of a pleasant stay for you and your family as well as for your friends. Our accommodations are suitable for accommodating a few people or larger groups, you can choose between several services. We strive with all our efforts to do our best for your well-being. Our goal is to maintain superior quality so that you feel at home and return to us and on other occasions.

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Magdolna House is located 28 km southeast of Odorheiu Secuiesc, in the first part of Vărșag village (Târnava), 150 meters from the main road.

Tőkés Levente Guesthouse

The guesthouse is located in Vărșag, on the surface of the farm called Tisztás. It is easy to reach, about one kilometer from the center of the village, near the main road, in a residential area.

Bálint Lak

Our guest house is situated in the upper part of Vărșag village, which is about 1 km on the asphalt road, on the gravel road to the Csorgó waterfall.

MATYI Guesthouse

Situated 400 meters from the center of Vărșag village, in a quiet forest area. It has a 60-acres courtyard and can be reached from the asphalt road.

Guesthouse Medvebarlang

The pension is located in Nagykút, in Tarnavă upstream of the waterfall, directly on the road.

Guesthouse Nagy Család

Guest house: Nagy Család is located at the big fountain area of Vărșag village near the school near the Csorgókő waterfall.

Boros-lak Guesthouse

Our holiday home is located 26 km away from Odorheiu Secuiesc, 7 km from the Zetea Reserve near Târnava Mare, near Secuieşti Gates, which indicates the boundary of Vărşag commune.

Beér- lak

The pension is located near the center of Vărșag village, 100 meters from the main road.

Guest House Gegőék

The pension is located near the center Vărșag, near the village football field (Gegőék), near the river Târnava Mare, near the forest, in a quiet and picturesque environment.

Guesthouse Gyúrkalak

The house is located 200 meters from the center of Vărșag, near the main road, surrounded by neighbors (residential area).

Guesthouse JANKA

Located one kilometer from Vărșag, halfway between Tisztás farm and the main road.

Széperdő Guesthouse

The house is located on a hill called Bagazos, about 150 meters from the main road.